Yahya is a Dj / Music Producer / Live performer based in Marrakesh,graduated as a sound engineer and designer in 2020.

Yahya developed his passion for music when he was only six years old by playing piano without any academic course. He discovered Electronic music at a very early age, then began playing and making beats with the home computer that bugs after ten minutes of work. Inspired by his older sister chants of Muwachahat (Middle Eastern traditionalsongs), Yahya tried to mix both genres.

At this moment Medina Records appeared to host his track Drud Mi Ayed inthe Label. After this event, he decided to take his career to another level by appearing publicly, Djing and performing live at events. New collaborations appeared on the discography of Yahya, and one of them is the remix of M.A.N.D.Y Gizmo remix with the moroccan artist Amine K on Get Physical Music.

Later in 2021, Yahya created an underground label party called Melomane, parties that featured line ups with renowned artists such us John Aquaviva, Daox, Abel Ray.