Omer Gani born at 1994 in and start his career in age of 14 as Dj. With the time he decide to bring his own vision to the Dance-Floor and the ears.

He start a long journey of studying and research about music, psychoacoustic experience and how to tell feelings by sound. In age of 20 he get the name T-Puse and build his way to became one of the most mesmerizing shows our scene has to offer Creator, producer, and DJ.

T-Puse playing at the most colorful stages in Israel with his unique color and live healing sound. In recent years T-Puse has become one of the prominent names in the Organic House scene in Israel and around the world. With countless releases with the major labels of the genre.

His d.j. sets and electronic live performances, combine electric Baglama and keyboards, T-Puse brings an experience full of soul-healing sounds that produce an authentic oriental celebration.