Nicola Brusegan’s passionate fondness of the world of music developed from a very young age. Born in venice in 1978, he began his musical journey in the 90’s when the profession we know now, as ‘deejay’ was not common and determinate as it is today, at least in italy; and the techniques and equipment that were involved in the art of the remix, were used only by very few, fortunate lovers of the art. 

This passion, and determination to delve deeper, drove Nicola to spend endless afternoons listening to vinyl, collecting hundreds of them. He started to build a diverse knowledge and deeper understanding of the music he loved and with this he grew to distinguish himself with his unique character, always ahead of new emerging sounds, which he presented with innovative selection and his own. Unmistakable style. Nicola has since made an indisputably solid stamp on the house music scene.

2020, although a sincerely difficult year for the industry worldwide, witnessed nicola’s relentless embrace on his creative flow with a fiercely successful powerhouse of greatly awarded releases on wax and digital. His works of recent years were signed to some of the worlds most important and influential labels, including that of Houseworx, 124 recordings, House on Wax, Zingiber audio, La Vie en Rose, dj delivery’s ‘Relikt’, Richard nxt’s ‘Nxt Rec’, Politics of Dancing, and Purism.

His highly anticipated ‘Chapters in Sound’ EP signed exclusively on wax, on Suena Hermosa, released early 2021 and reached a global number 1 on the exclusive charts and sold out within just weeks of it’s release. Nicola’s signature sleek & playful percussive energy and flawlessly hypnotic melodic grooves are without question becoming a regular welcome feature at the fingertips of the greatest selectors globally… needless to say today, and evidently since the raw beginning of his musical journey, nicola’s ever-steady rise of influence on the scene has, and will continue to reach continuous new heights in full force.

2022 saw nicola play at world renowned fabric london, and release a vast amount of exceptional music across various respected global labels. Since the start of 2023 Nicola has launched his own, already critically acclaimed label ‘Oblivium’, with artists to feature on the label such as Luciano, Jay Tripwire, Chris Carrier, Camilo Gil, Mica, Marta-q and many more, there is no doubt this labour of love is one Which will be heard of for many years ahead…

Nicola returns to play in the uk in 2023 in march at world renowned distrikt (leeds) alongside suena agency family members discotech, and is undoubtedly one force to look and listen out for in the years to come!